Private landowners and developers
have different needs. We work with both.


Private Landowners

Considering selling your timber or pulpwood, or have questions regarding the sale of forest products?

Our professional foresters will meet with you to discuss and evaluate the income potential of your forest land.

**We do not charge a fee to visit your property and you will be under no obligations after our visit. **

We are a full service timber procurement and forest management company. That means our professional, licensed foresters have the training and experience to offer you a variety of harvesting solutions, including:

  • harvest cuts,
  • development cuts where some trees are left for aesthetics, and
  • thinning natural stands to promote the growth of a desired species.

Our goal is to create a harvesting plan that meets your goals for your property. Every situation is unique, and different management techniques are considered to reach your goal.   

We provide you with the knowledge and background information you need to make educated decisions about your timber.


If your development site requires the removal of forest products, let our experienced team of professionals handle the details while you enjoy the revenues from harvesting timber.

Whether the future use of your site is residential or commercial, proper timber harvesting is critical to project success.

We develop a harvesting plan with project engineers and surveyors before any cutting takes place. The harvesting plan considers all aspects of the job, including:

  • road and loading dock locations,
  • skid road locations, and
  • possible “tree save” areas.

Once the harvesting plan is complete, we selectively mark areas to be cleared or thinned.

Our foresters and harvesting contractors have been trained to be senstive to adjoining landowners, and are experienced in anticipating issues that may arise during the harvesting process.

All of these methods allow us to create more favorable public responses to our projects.

Why choose us?

  • You want someone to guide you every step of the way

  • You want to protect your property value

  • Aesthetics matter to you

  • You care about using environmentally sound practices

  • You want the job done right

  • Working with licensed forestry and real estate professionals is important